Learn How to Pass Your Front End Magento Certification in Under One Month

Tips, resources and more to get you through the exam

Why Take the Front End Magento Certification Exam?

The Front End Magento Certification is a great way to demonstrate your Magento knowledge to potential clients and employers. Anyone can attempt the build of a Magento website and on the surface, it can be hard to see whether it has been built to industry standard – until the next developer attempts to work on it.

Before we delve into the tips and resources useful when taking the exam, an important assumption has been made. And this is that you have built and used several websites using the Magento platform without using pre built themes. The exam is aimed at developers building themes from scratch, so if you haven’t done this already, your best place to start is there.

Tip 1: Download Magento Certification Study Guides

The best place to start is at the Magento website and download the Front End Magento Guide. This gives a good overall idea of how Magento will structure the exam and areas to cover.
The second guide is from the view point of Magento developers that have already taken the exam and can be found on the Demac Media website.

Tip 2: Know Which Areas to Revise for the Magento Certification Exam

Magento is quite a vast platform, so you need to know which areas to cover in your revision. There are likely to be topics you do know already that aren’t covered in the examination, whilst there are also some obscure sections that are unlikely to have cropped up for most people.
Demac Media have also written in detail about the areas covered in the exam here.
Another important way to learn Magento is to simply look through it, from the admin area to the code. Make sure you are familiar with every single area.

Tip 3: Find as many practise questions as you can

The best way to prepare for the exam is to be prepared for the exam structure and question style.

Example questions from a Magento developer that has previously taken the exam can be found on Web Structures which features Magento front end developer certification sample questions here.

Further example questions can be found on this Github page.

The exam is computer based and questions are multiple choice. Upon completing the exam, you will receive your results almost immediately.

Tip 4: Know How to Revise Properly

The final tip is quite generic. As with most exams, there can be quite a lot of memorising, as not everything will be something you know through every day use.

For this, I used revision cards which I could take with me out and about. This may not be the best method for everyone, but it helps to treat the exam as you would any other test and do what works best for you.

the Magento certification checklist in full
  • Download Magento Certification study guides

  • Know which areas of Magento to cover in your revision

  • Find as many practise questions as you can

  • Know how to revise properly

This is a breakdown of how we revised for our Magento Certification and passed first time. Preparing for the exam really did help in learning best practise and generally just deepen our understanding of the platform. If you’re taking your exam soon, then best of luck!

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